Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro announced with 15.6-inch Screen & 8th Gen. Core...

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro announced with 15.6-inch Screen & 8th Gen. Core i7


During the official Mi Mix 2 event, Xiaomi unveiled a new addition to its notebook portfolio, one with impressive technical specs. Meet Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro, a laptop that’s equipped with the  latest 8th Generation Core i7 processor, aiming for the top of its segment.

mi notebook pro

The Mi Notebook Pro offers a truly minimalistic design, with a magnesium alloy frame to increase its durability. The device is available in just one color: Dark Grey, that weighs 1.95Kg, and has a special cooling system featuring larger heat pipes and sinks, expanded fans, thereby making sure that the laptop temperature is controlled at all times.

In case you’re interested, the new Mi Notebook Pro will be available in 3 variants:

  • a Core i7 (8th Gen) model clocked up to 4GHz along with 16GB of RAM
  • one more Core i7 model with a smaller 8GB RAM module
  • and a less powerful Core i5 variant with 8GB RAM.

All variants are equipped with DDR4 dual Channel memory, 256GB PCIe SSD’s and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card. The impressive laptop packs a large 15.6-inch screen with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and 6.52mm narrow bezels on the sides, along with a full size keyboard and – obviously- fingerprint unlock function embeded on its touchpad.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Pricing

If you’re ready to spend some money, then here are the pricing details of the 3 variants of the Mi Notebook Pro.

The top end variant with Core i7 + 16GB RAM will sell for 6999 Yuan ($1076). The other two variants with Core i7+ 8GB RAM and Core i5 + 8GB RAM will sell for 6399 Yuan ($984) and 5599 Yuan ($860) respectively.

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  • Alexander van Scherpenseel

    Wish they made this, but with a GTX1060+ in it to compete against Razer.

    • Man, I was just thinking this!
      This would be awesome… just the MX150, ugh. Forget gaming and video editting with this.
      Now it’s just for moms and coffee sipping webbrowsing hipsters.

      • NextHype

        Damn you’re everywhere…
        BTW MX150 is too weak for video editing but you can play a few games with that chipset. Not AAA games clearly but hey… I can play Tekken 7 with my friends on my AIR 13 940MX, or any DoTa-like ^^

        • Muhammad Yasir

          yeah … i don’t think masterrace is about just getting over the line

          a laptop cost $800 plus should guarantee a good gaming experience !

          at least 40-50 fps stable with a mix of mid-high settings on the LATEST AAA titles

          this is an utter shit gpu !

          no one’s buying that weakass laptop for $850+ , only morons !

          • cyril symbio

            MX150 isn’t weak at all, and only morons insult people buying devices adapted to their needs. Stop insulting people, you would please them better. No body is pointing a gun at your forehead to force you to buy it. Don’t buy it. Don’t feel forced to criticize everything you won’t anyway buy.

            • Muhammad Yasir

              ok jackass, i think you don’t get what i’m trying to do here

              i’m analyzing how good the stuff is and then commenting on what it lacks and what’s the severity of the deficiency !

              maybe what you’re looking for but don’t see … is the term ‘enthusiast’

          • NextHype

            You may get 40-50 fps stable on 720p / mid setting with a majority of AAA title. $850 is launch price, it’ll get down to $600 in 3 months top. Overall that’s not so bad but you can’t expect it to deliver hi perf on 1080p.

            I ordered a Xiaomi AIR 12 for $400 a few months ago and got delivered an AIR 13 by mistake xD (thanks GB) I didn’t expected playing with my laptop but as I got the higher version, I gave it a try and was surprised.

            These kind of product cannot be your main gaming rig but you can use it to play while traveling. Last week I killed 3 hours by playing Tekken 7 in a plane with a co-worker xD It was great and ppl joined us so we made a tournament xD

        • cyril symbio

          you can play AAA on MX150. It’s way better than the 940MX. If you stuff a gaming cpu in a so thin body, you perfectly know what will happen. Unless you always play underwater, or in your fridge. I play AAA titles on MX150, and it “passes cream” as French say. Just you won’t have all setting on top, and oh, damn, you won’t play at 120fps… but who cares? It cost 1/2 the price of a Razer. and it has way more than 1/2 the performances of a Razer.

          • NextHype

            un AAA qui passe crème sur une MX150 ? xD

            what game have you played ?
            with which resolution and graphic setting level ?

    • Muhammad Yasir

      if they were feeling like the 1060 was a bit pricy for the B.O.M

      they could have gone with an RX480, better perf in DX12 and Vulkan games and would have kicked ass all round !

      a DISMAL choice from Xiaomi and this will not sell well !

  • Muhammad Yasir

    wait …

    it costs F***ING $860 upto $1000 and more …


    oh please, xiaomi


    • SPLEND1D

      it’s not for gaming 😀 go for alienware if you want to play games

      • Muhammad Yasir

        nah … even alienware is overpriced and poor value for money !

        build your own pc, if you’re in EU/US … that’s the best bang for the buck !

        • cyril symbio

          so if you build your own PC, what are you complaining about the xiaomi laptop. It’s not a gaming laptop thus it does have a MX150, which is way sufficient to play most of the games on a device that hasn’t been designed for it. What are you all the time complaining about what couldn’t be done anyway? “Whaaat, this ferrari can’t fly? that’s bullshit! with a dozen of drones I can fly my dog, blablabla”. It’s not a gaming laptop, period. You want a gaming laptop, you go for a gaming laptop, then you will complain “mwouaaaaaa why my gaming laptop is so heavy and noisy??? mwouauuuaaa it’s too hard and too unpractical to carry that thing around!!!! mwouaaaaaahhh why my boss look at me in a weird way when he sees my green/red flashy logo glowing, my RGB keyboard shinning??”

          • regina maria

            lol…why so serious …he just sarcasm

          • Muhammad Yasir

            stop bitching

            i was replying to why alienware is poor value for money

            and xiaomi are selling a nearly $900 laptop with no explosive power at all, so you should research before saying shit