How’s the 3D Lumia Glass Back Cover on the Elephone S8 Made?

How’s the 3D Lumia Glass Back Cover on the Elephone S8 Made?


We’ve been hearing a lot about the Lumia glass back on the tri-bezel-less Elephone S8 in the last months. But how did they manage to create this unique looking part of the phone? Well, we’re going to learn it in a very informative press release coming straight from the company. Keep reading to find out!

So, first things first, Elephone wants everybody to know that they’ve been working on this improved Lumia glass for more than half year now. The new Lumia 3D glass is indeed more scratch resistant and it looks better than what we previously had on the Elephone S7.

Getting more technical, we learn that the glass back cover is actually made of two parts: a piece of 3D glass that’s 0.41mm thick and a PVD film on top that’s 0.15mm. This latter layer gives the phone a better feeling in the hand and improves its look as well.

To make the back appear even fancier, Elephone then bends the 3D glass using high temperature and polishes its surface. After various quality tests and chemical treatments the PVD film is glued on top, this process needs around 32 hours before completion.

elephone s8

That’s about it, much easier said than done we imagine. It’s definitely nice seeing Chinese phone makers investing to improve materials quality on their devices. As you well know Elephone are among the most active companies at this.

Learn more about the Elephone S8 on the official website.

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  • Rumi

    Is it scratch resistant?? The glass gets scratches very easily.. will it have the same problem??

  • yota

    The glass is so sleek, at the beginning i thought it’s the TPU cover! Great work by Elephone!

  • Ron

    At first I thought the back panel is made out of plastic, but now i understand that’s the class cover. Thanks to gizchina for clarifying my doubts.. ))

  • Steve

    Great!! Is there any additional coating for scratch resistance? Or is there Gorilla Glass on the back?

  • Hahahaha

    Wow 3 posted at exact same time. Trolls fake paid posters detected LOL.

    Again it is no point to cover a weak engine, low durability,lousy software, zero support with nice cosmetic casing, it is just plain stupid

  • Anna

    Recently I’ve seen the video review of Mrwhosetheboss, according to him, this is the best affordable bezel less device. Waiting to see the review by Gizchina ✌️✌️

  • Stunner

    The back looks good with the thin rear cover at least it doesn’t has such plastic feeling like Maze Alpha 😂

  • David

    Dude is this glass for real? The 3D glass?? That’s dope from a Chinese company. Earlier there were just Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi! Now this brand is also doing very well.. keep going

  • Charls

    I have a question about the front touch screen. Is it AmoLED? Or it’s HD IPS display??

  • John

    Is it still on pre sales?? When the shipping will be started?
    I saw the review on YouTube by Smartphone Wars here and found this device awesome ❤️😍 :

  • Peter

    Guys will it support the bands of USA?? Please launch the S8 😎😎 I’m interested in this device..

  • Rick

    Is there any difference between tge black one and the blue one?? Blue looks more glossy and the black looks more premium from the back.

  • Oasis

    And that’s how research and development helps to grow! The similar way how Samsung became the number 1