iPhone X Launched New Features To Apple Users Not So New To Android

So today’s big news isn’t the launch of a new Chinese phone, but the iPhone X. Here’s whats new for Apple and old to us Android users.

Even if you don’t find Apple and its product interesting you will have already seen the new iPhone X, even though it was only announced a few hours ago! After months of leaks and the usual dummy phone releases, the iPhone X is here and with it a lot of new features, well new if you’ve never had an Android phone before!

No home button

For generation after generation, iPhone rumours have often revolved around the home button on the phone and if Apple will finally ditch it and with the iPhone X they have. So no more physical home button to press on the iPhone X, but isn’t that similar to the about 50% of Android phones?

Edge-to-Edge Display

Apple are pretty happy with their edge-to-edge display. It has very minimal bezels even less than the Xioami Mi Mix 2 and perhaps about as much as the latest Essential device. While Apple aren’t the first to go for an edge-to-edge display, they do seem to be the ones who have perfected it with their 5.8in 2436 x 1152 Super Retina Panel.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is nothing new to us Android users it’s been a feature that has come and gone over the years and Apple has only just decided to use it. Expect the next crop of Android phones to also see wireless charging make a come back.

Dual Cameras

Dual cameras might be more popular now than ever before, but we can than HTC for the first dual camera phones, and Huawei for making them popular. Now most Android smartphones are being launched with dual rear cameras, however, the sensors on the iPhone X are very special!

The iPhone X has dual 12 megapixel sensors one with an F1.8 aperture and the other a smaller F2.4. What’s really good here though is dual optical image stabilisation and a cool quad LED True Tone flash.

Face ID

Face ID takes over where Touch ID once was and as you can probably tell by the name it uses recognises your Face to unlock your device. Again this isn’t a new feature to Android users and has been offered in builds of Google’s OS and in standalone Apps since around 2012.

So while there are lots of new features on the iPhone X for Apple phone users a lot of the features are going to look rather familiar to us Android users.

The iPhone X will be available for pre-order on October 27th starting from $999 for the 64GB model rising to $1149 for the 256GB version.

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