Get the multifunctional iPazzPort wireless keyboard for €7.67


With the higher amount of gadgets occupying your living also coincidentally rises the amount of remote controller elements piling up on your table and sofa. How about making all of them obsolete and getting the iPazzPort wireless multifunctional keyboard as a replacement ? And your wallet is not even going to cry.

iPazzPort wireless keyboard can easily replace really quite some remote controllers, because aside the logical keyboard function you can use it as a TV remote, gamepad, mouse and more. It’s compatible more or less with everything and with simple connection through Wi-Fi you can enjoy the wireless easy controls. Operational range is about 10 meters and it comes with its own rechargeable battery.

The keyboard can be backlit with 3 different colors so variations are guaranteed too. You can also choose from different keyboard versions (english, french, russian, italian, hebrew, german and spanish) and most importantly you will get it only for €7.67 right now on the Lightinthebox e-shop website with free shipping.

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