OUKITEL C8 vs Xiaomi Redmi 4X – 18:9 Display Aspect Ratio and Cheaper?

The Xiaomi Redmi 4X is such a best selling smartphone that most Chinese phone makers take it as something to aspire to or, even better – beat it. Oukitel is no different with their latest Oukitel C8, an entry-level device with an 18:9 aspect ratio, a.k.a. infinity display. That’s why the company decided to compare the two smartphones; let’s see who’s coming out a winner!

Let’s begin with the display and design. The Oukitel C8 packs a bigger 5.5-inch 18:9 display while Redmi 4X has 5.0-inch 16:9 display, as you well know. The display is thus taller and narrower, so even packing a bigger screen, the C8 results slimmer, the thin side bezels also help with that. A slimmer phone is obviously easier to handle and more comfortable for everyday use. So under this point of view, the Oukitel C8 is probably the better choice.

The Oukitel C8 is also more personalized as it comes in five different colors: Rosy Pink,. Midnight Black, Orchid Purple, Sunny Gold ans Sky Blue. The Xiaomi is instead only available in three colors: Gold, Pink and Black.

As far as photos go, both smartphone feature the same megapixel count, so we can compare the two phones on the quality and colors they provide.

The C8 appears to be warmer and more saturated, and of course you’ve a better view on the bigger display, meanwhile the Redmi 4X look colder and less vibrant. You’ll decide what’s better depending on your personal tastes.

Lastly, we have a look at the specs both smartphones pack. They sports pretty much the same hardware, exception made for the larger display on the Oukitel C8 and the much lower $69.99 price tag that goes along with it. The Xiaomi Redmi 4X is more expensive at around $109.99. So which one would you get?

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Learn more about the Oukitel C8 or find where to buy one on the Oukitel’s official website.

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