Azdome DAB211 Car DashCam with Ambarella Chipset Accessories Tour

Azdome – one of China’s largest dashcam manufacturers – officially unveiled a new camera coming with an Ambarella chipset pretty recently – the Azdome DAB211. Azdome thinks the DAB211 is one of the most cost-effective dashcam on the market and decided to show us what it comes with in the package; let’s learn more about it.

Let’s begin with some of the cameras’ best features. We go from 1440p video shooting, a built-in GPS, ADAS technology and HDR support to the hidden design, night vision, an 150°ultra wide angle and more. So, under the spec side the DAB211 is really well equipped.

Now, since you can’t use a car dashcam without its accessories, the company released a video where we can check them out:


So, here is the list of the Azdome DAB211 accessories that will be included in the packaging:

  • Suction mount: one kind of installation, easy to install and take down.
  • 3M mount: another kind of installation, more stable compared to suction mount, but not as easy to remove.
  • car charger: there are 2 USB ports on the car charger, one port is for the dash cam, the other port can be used to charge your mobile phone.
  • 3.5m car charger cable: the length of the car charger cable is designed to be routed around your windscreen, which is very convenient.
  • USB cable: used to charge the dash cam and mobile phone, or connect the dash cam with the computer to copy the file into your computer.
  • cable clips: used to fix the car charger cable.

Learn more about the Azdome DAB211 car dashcam on the company’s official website.

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