Asus plans to launch new Zenfone 5 series in March 2018

Asus plans to launch new Zenfone 5 series in March 2018


Good news for all thos Asus fans out there, since the company’s CEO (Jerry Shen) has basically confirmed that we will be seeing ASUS’s new Zenfone 5 series of smartphones sometime in March 2018 at the earliest.

zenfone 5

The company recently (last month) launched its current Zenfone 4 series of smartphones but this was made due to unforeseen problems with their production line (and a heavy restructuring procedure), as the phones were originally scheduled to be unveiled last Spring!

As you can possibly understand, Jerry Shen (Asus CEO) did not give any details on what consumers could expect with the new generation of Zenfone smartphones but it looks like the company will continue to focus on the mid-range and entry-level markets as it has been over the past few years.

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  • NotHappyJan

    Owner of the first gen Zenfone. Todate I still hate their extremely confusing naming of the different models. They are just ok phones but I really really hate their ridiculous numbers of bloatware! And after one update (you’ll be lucky to get two updates), phone no longer gets further updates. You are stucked with a rather expensive piece of s***

    • Oscar

      I had the Zenfone 6 and to this day its probably one of the best phones I have ever owned. It had an Intel atom processor so wasn’t that powerful but it did everything I needed and I used to regularly get 10hours screen on time with it! That processor and battery combo was insane.

  • vijay sud

    Jerry Shen needs to really have a rethink on the naming of his Asus Phones. It is utterly confusing. Of course some Android O love without Asus bloatware will help Asus.

  • Alvin Leong

    They never fixed the problems with the Zenfone 3, a phone that was “built for photography”. I don’t expect this will be any good. Most amazingly, Asus can remotely break phones with OTA “updates” which cannot be fixed OTA.