Each Unit Of iPhone X Will Fetch Samsung $110

They are rivals but sometimes, they cant just do without each other. That’s the case between Apple and Samsung. Apple is set to unveil its flagship smartphone, the iPhone X which is scheduled to sell for about $999.99, however, all that money will not be going to Apple. Reports claim that Samsung will make about $110 for every iPhone X that Apple sells.

Samsung will be getting this money which is enough to get a low-budget smartphone for the Super Retina OLED display, the capacitors, and battery in Apple’s upcoming flagship device. For now, Samsung is the sole OLED supplier for Apple, although the company will probably get more OLED suppliers in the future.

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Reports by Counterpoint Technology Market suggest that Apple will sell around 130 million iPhone X  and if Samsung makes $110 for each unit, that will sum up to just over $14 billion. Although there are reports that Apple will not make much profit off the iPhone X considering the high-end components it uses which means that its previous devices may be more profitable than iPhone X.

While they are competitors, Samsung profits in the second quarter of 2017 rose by 72% largely due to Apple’s orders for components for its next-gen iPhone models. OLED smartphones are in Apple’s plans for next year thus Samsung is set to make some huge investment in that line.






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