Galaxy Note 8 gets highest score from DxOMark for its camera

Well this didn’t take long I guess. After just a few weeks that the iPhone 8 was “crowned” by DxO Labs as the “best camera phone in the world” with the highest score ever given to a smartphone (94), it was time for Samsung to celebrate!

The well known DxOMark (an organization that performs demanding tests to all kinds of cameras) outed the result achieved by Samsung’s Galaxy Note8, and it’s… also 94. This means that – at least for now- the two phones are tied at the first place but this could change in the coming days – or weeks, as tomorrow we’ve got the new Pixel phones ready to be unveiled, and – if you recall – last year the first Pixel jumped straight to the top of the DxO camera chart on the day of its announcement!

But there are even more contestants for the No.1 place, like the iPhone X with its own vertical dual camera and – why not?- the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 model!

According to the results by DxOMark, Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 receives the first ever score of 100 for photography, thanks to its excellent zoom performance up to 4x, very low noise levels in low light, fast and accurate autofocus, good detail in bright light and indoor conditions, as well as the bright and vivid colors it captures.


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Shooting under indoor lighting conditions, the Note 8’s exposures are excellent, with well-managed noise, good detail preservation, and vivid color. In extreme low light, images are a little underexposed, although at 5 lux they remain very usable and are still exploitable even in near-dark conditions of just 1 lux.

With a video sub-score of 84, the Note 8 lags a little behind the best, but is still a very capable performer in video mode, packing a 2160p@30fps resolution for detail-rich 4k video, or 720p@240fps capture for rendering creative slow-motion effects in post-production. The device’s key video strengths are excellent color and noise in bright light, with very good overall white balance and color rendering. 

If you’re into this stuff, then you can read the full report from DxOMark right from the source.

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  1. October 3, 2017

    Very good camera but the price is over the sky. Not for the average Joe out there.

  2. Michael Ogbonnaya
    October 3, 2017

    Very good camera but the price is over the sky. Not for the average Joe out there.

  3. Ben Liu
    October 3, 2017

    So… did you plagiarise GSMArena’s Article? Or did they do that to you?

    Shame, Gizchina. Stop Copying other people’s content.