Breaking: Full-Screen 18:9 Xiaomi Redmi Note Model Leaked

Breaking: Full-Screen 18:9 Xiaomi Redmi Note Model Leaked

xiaomi redmi full screen leak

Updates to the Xiaomi Redmi line of phones has been slower than usual this year, but a new leak shows us why that might be.

Over the past year we’ve seen very little from Xiaomi’s Redmi range of phones, when in the past they have been the reason for some of the most exciting launches of a tech year.

Redmi phones are the bread and butter of Xiaomi’s range and it is important that the brand continues to offer a genuine upgrade each year to push customers to buy an update, and this might be the reason the Redmi range has been so quiet.

Vivo and Oppo have already released lower cost 18:9 phones, well lower cost compared to the rest of the BBK range, and it now looks like Xiaomi has decided to go for the same ratio on their latest Redmi Note.

The phone looks as though it’s a fusion between a modern bezelless Android smartphone and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, and keen eyed GizChina readers will notice the similar dual camera design and fingerprint scanner placement on the rear.

It’s suggested that this mystery phone will launch as part of the Redmi Note 5 range and that the phone is more likely to run a high-end Mediatek P25 or P30 chipset rather than a Snapdragon CPU.

The same sources have also suggested that the body will be all alloy with a 16 megapixel + 5 megapixel rear camera specification and internal 4000mAh battery.

Keeping with the Redmi spirit, pricing is low with the entry level 18:9 all screen phone costing only 999 Yuan with 3GB RAM+ 32GB storage, rising to 1299 Tuan for 4GB RAM and finally 1599 Yuan for 4GB RAM + 64GB storage.

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We still have to wait and see what other changes have been made to the phone and we’re very interested to see what resolution screen this Redmi Note model will have, but from the details we have already is this a phone you’d be willing to buy?

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  • Cherry

    Why on the bottom we can See shoot on xiaomi mi Dual cm?

    • Ansgar Manuel Fernandez

      Because the pic was shot with a Xiaomi MI6

  • Aristotelis Tz

    Yes beautiful, but we have to see it with the screen turned on in order to see the bezels. Because black bezels and black screen create the illusion of big screen.

  • Lazar Prodanovic

    I don’t like 2:1 displays & if it comes with MTK P range SoC it will be even worser than current generation. Looks like Xiaomi is working in favour of it’s own doom.

    • Gousgounis

      2:1 displays are practical for one hand use and sbs VR.
      Regarding the chipset, I totally agree.
      A SD630 or 660 version would be perfect.

      Also, since xiaomi has launched mi pay for almost a year now, maybe it’s time to add NFC to the redmi series too.

      • Zixiang Lim

        SD660 is impossible as it is already released for Mi Note 3. SD630 is still possible.

        • Essej Kun

          Or then can stick around with SD 625 again lmao

  • kenstagwaff

    Looks more like Redmi Pro than Note 4 . But nice nonetheless . If it is a Note they will no doubt change to Snapdragon as soon as they have sold loads of mediatek units .

  • Marco Lancaster

    Was expecting it to come with a Snapdragon 660,then Xiaomi used it on Mi Note 3, turning it in a distante dream. Snapdragon 630 dont get my interest, what to say about a MTK variant.

  • Jh1

    Not a huge fan of the 18:9 trend, but the front does look nice. Hopefully there aren’t large bezels once the screen is turned on. As far as the back goes, I was hoping to see it styled more after the mi5x rather than the note 4x. Still likely to be one of the best budget phones available.