Handheld digicam Andoer HDV-534K discounted to $94.40

Andoer HDV-534V

The classical handheld digital cameras are lately taking the backseat a bit, being ousted by the onslaught of the myriad of action and sports cam. So it’s easy to forget how much value you can actually get, because the prices took a nose dive and the specs are way better than expected. Like the Andoer HDV-534K model, which impresses with the specs for a sub-$100 price.

Andoer HDV-534K is a digital video camera offering video resolution up to 4K (24fps), 1440p (30fps) or FullHD (60/30fps) and photos up to monstrous interpolated 48MP resolution. It has 3-inch touchscreen view display, 13MP Panasonic CMOS sensor, 16x digital zoom and plenty of extra features like infrared night vision, anti-shake, Wi-Fi transmission and controls, microSD slot or fairly big 2500 mAh battery.

And thanks to the CSTHD discount coupon you can get today and tomorrow the digital video camera Andoer HDV-534K for just $94.40 offered by the Tomtop e-shop. I’m sure you agree that’s a great price for such piece of hardware so it’s a chance for all the wannabe camera enthusiasts to step up and get one.

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