Apple Collaborates With LG To Develop A Foldable iPhone

Technology and the manufacturing industry are swiftly evolving and the last is yet to be seen if it ever comes. While many are still basking in the euphoria of yet-to-be-released Apple iPhone X, another Apple device which some will appreciate better is already in the queue for development. If the rumor from South Korea holds any water, then in three years, we will haveĀ a foldable iPhone developed by the combined effort of Apple and LG.

According to unnamed industry sources, LG will develop the OLED panels for the foldable iPhone. The Korean company completed the prototype some years ago and haveĀ beenĀ developing the strength and yield rate of this display. LG’sĀ contribution to this smartphone is not limited to the display but it will alsoĀ develop the necessary flexible circuit boards for such a device. LGĀ Innotek has already set up a teamĀ for this purpose.

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It is not surprising that Apple is turning to LG for OLED display. As of now, Apple’s OLED display is supplied by arch-rival Samsung which is currently theĀ global leader in producing smartphone screens using that technology. It will be unwise for Apple to turn to Samsung for this foldable iPhone because Samsung itself is working on a similar device thus there is a seriousĀ concern over tech leaks to Samsung Electronics. LG is also a rival, however, Apple probably sees Samsung as a bigger threat than LG.

LG is working on its new factory inĀ Paju, Gyeonggi Province, Korea and once it is completed, it will enter the competition of producingĀ OLED display panels althoughĀ all theĀ OLED panels to be used by iPhones in 2018 will probably be supplied by Samsung. In order to ensure its independence from Samsung, AppleĀ offered to invest directly in this plant and a similar offer is also on the table for LG but the nitty-grittyĀ of the deal is still in progress.

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