“Xiaomi Mi6C” renders pop up online

Xiaomi is allegedly planning to release a downgraded version of its flagship Mi6 called the Mi6C. This isn’t the first time this has taken place, as Xiaomi’s previous flagship the Mi5 also saw this treatment with the Mi5C and its Surge S1 processor. Now, leaks for the supposed Mi6C have appeared online.

Before we begin analyzing these leaks, we want to advise everyone to take these with a pinch of salt. The Mi6C here seems more like a bad dream device than actual renders. With that out of the way, we’ve got a device that looks like an improved Mi5C. It follows the same basic design principles, but features thinner bezels and smaller… everything.

The rear camera is still in the same position as before, but it’s now a dual camera and much smaller. The front facing fingerprint scanner is also in the same location, but it’s tiny. The bezels around the display are also not equally thin, cool design feature I guess. And apparently ‘science and knowledge’ is important now.

Yeah, we really doubt the authenticity of this leak, though the Mi6C probably does exist. The Surge S2 processor is a thing, and there’s no other logical place for it other than the Mi6C. Still, we hope that when it does launch it won’t just be a Mi5C but with smaller design elements.

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