Watch: Elephone employees get interviewed – Which smartphones are they using?

Elephone S8

In a very self referential but still quite interesting and fun to watch video, Elephone just answered some questions about their products and smartphones in general. Let’s check it out down below.

As you can see in the video, the first question they are asked is “what smartphone are you using?”. To our surprise many Elephone employees admitted using handsets produced by other phone makers, such as Apple and Xiaomi. Others were instead using Elephone P8s and S8s which they prefer for the battery life and beautiful design respectively.

To the next question “which Elephone device would you recommend?”, they went with the Elephone S8 and possibly the upcoming Elephone S9 which is said to bring even better specs to the table.

Elephone S8

Lastly, they were asked what they expect from Elephone in the future. The majority of them wants to see a real bezel-less device iPhone X style, with very thin bezels around every corner of the display. Some other employee instead hopes of finally getting a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU on an Elephone device, don’t we all hope that?

Elephone S8

Either way, the latest Elephone device to hit the market – the S8 – is currently on sale over at Coolicool. Click here if you’re interested in getting one.


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