Xiaomi heading to Spain in a new move of its global expansion


Xiaomi, The Chinese Giant, always had plans to expand its presence around the Globe. It already established its presence at India, but some years ago also tried with Brazil, which turned in a big disaster, with the company quietly leaving the country. However, company’s growing plans are away from being terminated as a new tweet suggests.

The company already have a strong presence in some European countries, trough online retailers and some unofficial local stores. Earlier this month, the company started the process to fortify its roots in Europe, with the launch of a Official store at Greece. Now, the company announced their arrival at Spain.

Xiaomi already launched the official Twitter account and Facebook Page for the Spanish market, between the first publications there is a tweet which says: “Hello Spain, could you guess who’s coming?”

According to some reports, the Chinese company will launch a new Official store in the country, probably located at the Capital of Madrid. More info about the new Xiaomi move should be unveiled in the next days, trough spanish twitter account, as well as their future plans for the country.


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