Soon to be unveiled UMIDIGI S2 Pro wants to be a gaming phone too


Just a few days are remaining to the official launch and release date of the new UMIDIGI S2 Pro and the makers are trying to drum up some hype for the model. We already have quite a good idea about the exact specs of the phone, so not much can actually surprise us though.

The UMIDIGI S2 Pro will be powered by the Mediatek Helio P25 processor and in combination with the 6 GB DDR4X RAM they are hoping it can also become a good phone for the gaming community. After all it’s equipped perfectly for that with the large 6-inch FullHD resolution display sporting the 18:9 aspect ratio. And with the massive 5100 mAh battery you can actually expect some pretty solid gaming endurance before your power runs out.

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We are quite looking forward to the official launch of the UMIDIGI S2 Pro, which is supposed to be happening on November 8th. On their official website you can see the original S2 featured in pretty sexy red version so let’s hope they can prepare something as good for the upgraded version too.

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  1. billybloggs
    November 5, 2017

    needs an X25 at least..

    • Peter
      November 8, 2017

      I don’t know if there are any brands to use X25? All of them are P25 CPU. But other brands do not marketing it as a game phone.

  2. November 5, 2017

    This is a crappy phone for gaming considering the weak GPU in the Helio P25.

    • billybloggs
      November 5, 2017

      Agree X25 or more

      • Billy Williams
        November 6, 2017

        Just to offer perspective, I have a gaming laptop…the specs on that thing aren’t close to my actual gaming PC. Having top of the line (or near top of the line) specs isn’t what making a gaming peripheral. Its the capability of the device itself as well as the ergonomics. My gaming laptop is considered a gaming laptop because it can run games on decent settings (AKA above low) it has internal cooling, larger batter and fans built to allow long gaming sessions. The keyboard has RGB and of course great ergonomics and feel that allow for less hand fatigue in long gaming sessions. ETC ETC, just because it doesn’t have a 1080TI does not make it NOT designed with the gamer in mind. Just some food for thought on the subject. I of course don’t play many games on my phone, but I imagine at this point the processors are WAY beyond overkill of what the phones need.

    • Peter
      November 8, 2017


  3. November 5, 2017

    If by “gaming phone” they mean you can play Candy Crush for a few more hours, then yeah I guess LOL.

  4. Caleb Katana
    November 6, 2017

    Put in a snapdragon 660 and I’ll be the first one to acquire it

    • Peter
      November 8, 2017

      Why not buy Xiaomi Note 3 or Oppo?

      • Caleb Katana
        November 10, 2017

        Out of the box Android is the reason

  5. Riccardo Benzoni
    November 6, 2017

    I tested some demanding games on an Helio P10 and, while not being as smooth as my SD821-powered daily driver, everything was quite playable without issues, despite a much lower GPU score on benchmarks.
    P25 should be quite better than P10, and while I wouldn’t define it a gaming SoC, for android standards should be pretty much capable of actually running all actual games, probably it will start to struggle with the most intensive 2018-onwards games, and that’s what makes the difference with the top of the lines SoCs: while having little to none difference today, the gap will increase with time, but it’s not a real problem for the people who change the phone every 1-2 years at max.

  6. Peter
    November 7, 2017

    P25? Dual camera or fake? 5100mAh? Real capacity or just marketing?
    Sorry, I don’t believe Umidigi anymore.