Upcoming Oukitel K8000 can last longer than 10000 mAh phones

Oukitel K8000

In early October Oukitel leaked their plans to release the world’s first 8000 mAh battery phone and they planned the designated Oukitel K8000 to be the longest lasting smartphone in the market. Which is quite a challenge, considering they have phones with 10000 mAh battery capacity in their own lineup.

But they are not afraid of challenges and produced a video showing the battery performance of this new phone against a honorable competion including iPhone 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mix 2 and their own previous endurance champion Oukitel K10000 Pro.

In the video above all four devices were tested with maximum brightness screen and maximum volume and all the results are summarized in the following chart. It’s quite clear we have a new king of endurance, because when the K10000 Pro already died, the K8000 still had 38 % battery left.

Mobile Model Total elapsed time (until power off) Power consumption categories
Video recording Downloaded video playback Online music streaming Online film streaming
iPhone 7 Plus 3 hours 33 min 1 hour 1.5 hours 1 hour 3 min 0 minutes
XIAOMI MIX 2 3 hours 53 min 1 hour 1.5 hours 1 hour 3 min 20 minutes
OUKITEL K10000 PRO 12 hours 52 min 1 hour 1.5 hours 1 hour 3 min 9hours 19 min
OUKITEL K8000 17 hours 22 min 1 hour 1.5 hours 1 hour 3 min 13hour 49 min


So what’s behind the long endurance miracle of this 8000 mAh battery ? Well it all starts with the used 10.5mm high density Coslight battery, but it extends way beyond that. The K8000 uses Samsung’s self luminous AMOLED display, which greatly contributes to the savings and the MT6750T octa-core processor is known to be well optimized for the consumption too.

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Oukitel K8000 should be coming out officialy by the end of November or early December and for the latest news about the phone you can always lurk around the Oukitel official website. Or just simply wait for our coverage of the new, that’s easier.

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