Weird green line appearing in the screen of iPhone X users

The iPhone X will be one of the main headlines in the coming months, be it due to the results of sales, success among users, or just like on this case, due to some issues appearing all of sudden.

Some reports coming directly from users are appearing on the internet, regarding a new issue presented by the tenth year edition iPhone’s panel. A strange green line appeared running down in the outer right or left edge of the OLED Panel. Although the OLED technology are among the best offering in screen panels on the market there are some issues that up today still haunt consumers, like the burn-in. For that issue, Apple already got cover by indicating some methods to avoid the problem, however this green line is something totally new.

Just imagine you pay $1000 for your smartphone, go happily to your house with your new acquisition. Then the days passes, turn into weeks, and all of sudden you turn your screen on and find that green line saluting you. That’s what happened to a user who shared his experience alongside some pictures showing the issue.

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There are other 25 users in total facing the same issue of the green line covering the edge of the iPhone X display, which already have shared some pictures and contacted Apple through their support page. Reportedly, all these units came perfectly out the box and the issue just appeared out of nowhere for them, without a specific trigger or explainable reason. Its definitively a hardware issue, since no such thing as soft or hard reset can cure the ailment.

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A theory popped out around the web in order to explain the issue, but no confirmation or pronouncement have been made by Apple. According to reports the issue is caused by a problem in iPhone X’s electric system which make those lines of green sub-pixels to appear on the panel.

Although quietly, Apple is offering a brand new iPhone X for those affected by the problem. An user suffering from the issue just took the damaged unit to an Apple Store and got it replaced by a new clear panel handset. No pronouncement regarding the issue have been made up to the moment, but we will be alert if this issue will keep isolated to these twenty five users or if it will expand and become a worse problem in the future.



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