Germany Bans Smartwatches For Kids, Asks Parents To Destroy Them

There have been a lot of innovations in the smartwatch industry such that some companies have released numerous smartwatches for kids. But these productsĀ have come under heavy criticism from concerned agencies and most recently,Ā the European Consumer Organizationā€™s (BEUC) announced that smartwatches are not recommended for kids as it exposes their privacy. Now,Ā Germany’s telecommunication agency, the Bundesnetzagentur, has marked kids smartwatches asĀ ā€œprohibitive listening devicesā€. These products were not only banned in Germany, schools have also been directed to closely monitor kids that possess these devices.

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Although, the agency did not give the details of what it meant byĀ ā€œprohibitive listening devicesā€, these smartwatches comes withĀ GPS abilities which can be hacked and the child’s location could be revealed. Recently, theĀ Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) warned that purchasers who want to keep their children protected should “think twice before purchasing a smartwatch”. Most parents buy these devices so that they can keep trackĀ of their children at all timesĀ but the disadvantages of these devices are huge.

A recent analysis discovered that criminals can easily take advantageĀ of the apps and features in these devices and once this happens, the child’sĀ real-time location, historical location, and personal details are exposed. Furthermore,Ā these smartwatches can also be compromised and used as a listening device where every sound around the watch will be heard without any indication on the watch that someone is listening. This is probably why the German agency is asking parents to destroy these smartwatches because they not only pose aĀ security threatĀ to kids, they can also compromise the household privacy.


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