Top 5 Features Of The OnePlus 5T

With the recent release of the OnePlus 5T we thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at this new flagship and some of the key features.

The 5T is the latest smartphone from OnePlus and while the launch has angered a few fans who bought the OP5 just a few months ago (come on you all knew this was going to happen), it’s still a compelling device and comes in at a much lower price than rival handsets with similar specs.

In this article I’m going to run through 5 of the top features of the OnePlus 5T, they’re not the the only features and you may disagree with what I’m writing (but that’s what the comment section is for) but for those of you interested in the OP5T you might find these highlights as interesting as I do.

Dual camera without 2 x Optical Zoom

Being an owner of the OP5 I have to say that the decision to remove optical zoom and replace it with better low-light performance is a master stroke.

Externally the dual camera design of the OP5T looks identical to the OP5 and in fact you get the same 16+20 megapixel hardware, but a tweak of the system means that the secondary camera helps to soak up all the available light for better low-light and nighttime performance.

Fans of the Bokeh effect will also be happy too as Oxygen OS’ Portrait Mode has been carried over from the original OP5.

Oxygen OS

Oxygen OS is basically a slight mod of a stock Android installation and that suit us just fine.

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Oxygen OS is fast, energy efficient and is generally bug free. As long as the OnePlus dev team can patch up those security issues then we should be hunky dory.

Gizchina News of the week

DASH Charging

DASH charge is the OnePlus version of Oppo’s VOOC fast charging system. Sure, OnePlus makes out that DASH is their own feature and not just a rebrand of other tech, but really it doesn’t matter when it works this well, and charges so quickly.

Full Optic AMOLED 18:9 Display

Arguably the biggest upgrade of all! The OnePlus 5T gets a large 6.01 inch panel which is a big upgrade over previous 5.5-inch OnePlus flagships.

The new screen is an 18:9 ratio panel with a 1080P 1080 x 2160 resolution and 401ppi. Like previous OnePlus phones the 5T uses an AMOLED panel and if you’re a little clumsy you’ll be happy to see that the 2.5D panel is a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 model.


Although OnePlus phones have received slight price hikes since the introduction of the OP1, they are still competitively priced when compared to phones from Huawei, Samsung and Apple.

If you were to choose a phone with a similar specification list including dual rear cameras, an 18:9 display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset from another brand you’d likely have to pay twice as much.

On top of pricing, availability is much better these days with the OP5T even available through high street stores in certain launch areas.

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