Oppo Applied For a patent Like iPhone X’s Bangs Screen

iPhone X

The full-screen went viral in 2017. But this term refers to various designs. Actually, there are four types of full-screen handsets. First, the Xiaomi Mi MIX / MIX 2 canceled the forehead and left only the chin putting all sensors and the front camera there. Second, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a narrowed forehead and chin and it also uses a curved screen design. Third, the iPhone X came with a ‘bangs’ screen, which means there are bangs on the upper part of the screen. The bang has a certain mission – it carries all the sensors, speaker, and front camera. Finally, there are many Chinese smartphones coming with various full-screen designs at 6 inches and 18:9 aspect ratio. Though one of the top brands in China (and worldwide) has already launched its full-screen flagship in face of the Oppo R11s / R11s Plus, it has applied for a new full-screen patent.

According to the leaked sketch, Oppo wants to patent a full-screen design that looks like the iPhone X ‘bangs’ screen. The patent application time is January 9, 2017, while the authorized announcement date is September 29, 2017. So we can make two assumptions – either the company has planned to launch a smartphone with a bangs screen and compete with the iPhone X or it is still working on such a handset.


Of course, this patent application doesn’t mean Oppo will come in with such a screen for sure. But if Apple could benefit a lot due to the bangs screen of the iPhone X, why the next-gen Oppo flagship such as the Oppo R13 couldn’t sport it?

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P.S. Seems the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S will be packed with an identical screen as well.

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