Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 details appear online

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 details appear online


Qualcomm’s new bet for agitating the mobile chipsets segment on the next year will be the Snapdragon 845. We expect the full details of the chipset to be revealed before the end of 2017, however some details appeared online telling us pretty much what to expect.

According to the source, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 will keep focusing in what is doing good. While other chipset makers are starting their 7nm solutions, Qualcomm’s new flagship SoC will use the same 10nm from its predecessor. However with some differentiations i.e. Snapdragon 845 use LPÈ while the recent released Samsung Chipset, Exynos 9810, uses LPP.

In what concern to the brute force, the Snapdragon 845 will be an octa-core divided in four Cortex-A75 and another four Cortex-A53 cores. Graphics have become even more demanding with the advent of higher resolution full screen display and Qualcomm is getting this covered by Adreno 630.

Another 2017 trend was the use of multiple cameras setup, with some handsets even bringing four cameras in total. So Qualcomm is preparing the chipset for supporting dual 25MP front cameras and dual 25MP rear units. In what concerns connectivity the Snapdragon 845 counts with X20 modem, support for 802.11 and Wi-Fi with a download speed of 1.2Gbps.

Telling about availability, we may see the Snapdragon 845 debut in the Samsung S9 and S9+ early in 2018, followed by either LG G7 and Xiaomi Mi 7. Are you excited for the next generation of Qualcomm’s flagship SoC?


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  • Lazar Prodanovic

    If so & certainly not with A53 in combo (but A55’s) almost anyone other will have a decent advantage as both TSMC (which is still the leading one) & Samsungs 10nm FinFET LPP(which is actually try to catch up TSMC) regarding either efficiency (15~25%) or performance (10~15%). Considering all the competition (HiSilicon, Samsung, Apple & MTK) already have their flagship SoC’s on better process (some even for quite some time) it’s highly unlikely that QC would go this way. Also as the new A75’s are more power consuming they cry for a better lithography process…

    • Mario

      its just for money grabing from customers,nothing more… the more they delay the good stuff,they can charge more for “inovations”

  • HeatFan786

    A11 processor should still out benchmark this processor?

    • Locodoco

      We’ll see when it gets released?

    • Lazar Prodanovic

      Yes at it’s semi costume OoO wider design based upon probably A73 but probably doubled (4 instruments per clock as A73 is only two & A75 si actually same as A73 but 3 instructions per clock). On the other hand both Qualcomm and Calvium have faster (& wider) ARM OoO designs core’s than Apple but in server parts for now only.