iWOWNfit R1 Wireless Sports Earbuds vs Airpods, Jabra and Under Armour

iWOWNfit R1

Wearables maker iWOWNfit have recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for their iWOWNfit R1, a pair of really advanced wireless sports earbuds. If you are looking for this kind of device but you can’t get to a final decision on whether getting these, or let’s say something from Jabra or Under Armour, then here we’ll have a comparison among those and other top earbuds on the market.

iWOWNfit R1

What sets the iWOWNfit R1 apart from the competition is the plethora of feature the device packs. On it we indeed find a real time heart rate monitor that informs you with very accurate data when you tap the bottom part of the right earbud. This feature is also available on two other earbuds, the Under Armour ones and the Jabra Elite Sport, which do come with an hefty price bump as well.

iWOWNfit R1

Another useful aspect about the R1 earbuds is the built-in Voice Coach that will remind you to speed up or slow down when your heart rate is higher or lower than your designated interval. We only find this feature on the premium Jabra Elite sport.

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Next we have something that’s not a practical improvement but it will certainly make the user experience cooler, we’re talking about the touch sensors we have on the earphones which can be used to control them. This feature can only be found on Apple’s Airpods.

iWOWNfit R1

Other features that are more common among the various wireless sound pieces are: the dedicated app, differently sized eartips, three buttons controls and sweat resistance.

Lastly, the iWOWNfit R1 pack a feature that no other earphones have, the presence of built-in storage. This means you can load the R1 with your favorite music and forget about your smartphone. This could actually be a killing feature to have for many users.

So, overall the iWOWNfit R1 are the most complete pair of wireless earbuds while coming at the lowest price. If you’re a person who’s always looking for the most cost-effective device, then these could be a good buy.

Down below we have an easy to read comparison table.

iWOWNfit R1

The iWOWNfit R1 can be found over at Indiegogo, where they go for as low as $59.99 if you’re a “Super Early Bird”. Visit the website to support the project!

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