Sony Full-Screen Phones Leaked In Photos

Sony Full-Screen Phones Leaked In Photos

Sony Full-Screen

Once the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and iPhone X were launched on the same day, all manufacturers began designing and launching their own full-screen smartphones one after another. The only company remaining quiet was Sony. But today a couple of new photos have leaked on the net showing the actual look of the first  Sony full-screen smartphones.

Sony Full-Screen

Earlier we have seen a rendering of the upcoming Sony smartphone that should sport a full-screen. But today it leaked in photos. Moreover, there are two models with such a design. One of them uses a glass body, while the second model comes with a metal housing. The latter comes with rounded corners for better ergonomics, while the former one looks like a regular Sony phone with a more square-shaped design. Apart from this, both models sport a dual-camera, but their layouts differ a lot. They look different not only in comparison to each other but also to other brand smartphones.

Sony Full-Screen

As for the key features, the Sony full-screen phones come with ultra-narrow bezels and 5.7-inch 18:9 screens with a 4K resolution. Thanks to them the phones look astonishing. Moreover, the metal housing model comes with a fingerprint scanner placed on the back, while it’s said the glass body model comes with an under-glass fingerprint identification. These phones are going to be among the first Snapdragon 845 models. The chip is also paired with a 6GB of RAM. These Sony phones run on Android 8.0 and have USB Type-C for faster and safer data transfer.

The supposed price is $950.

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  • Ailan Hidaz

    I doubt these are legit pics…

    • Jitan Dahal

      Yes, OMG! WTF is that finger print on the back.
      One in the side is always the best.
      And yes 8gb RAM or Sony is flop again.

  • These look fake.

    • mikeym0p

      Most definitely the blue ones are fake

      • Daeveren

        the blue ones even in the article they say they’re just ‘previous renders’ that indirectly are admitted to be fake, since “today we got the photos”, which look really different.

  • Headphone jack or gtfo.

  • Cyril Dieudonné

    speculation speculation. Would it be possible to get some sources? I mean… I don’t doubt your word, but it feels like a daydream description rather than an accurate fact description

  • Droidiat

    ” Once the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and iPhone X were launched on the same day all manufacturers began designing and launching their own full-screen smartphones one after another. ”

    really ? so where is the Mi mix 1 ? and galaxy S8 , N8 etc…

  • mikeym0p

    Would love the one on the right in a 5.2″ flavor

  • ბექა ცინცაძე

    hey it’s my renders, where is source link?

    • M.

      English hard very

  • el_sur

    Fake. Where exactly was the photo of the phone taken that reflects a building from both sides of the phone?