Xiaomi Noise Reduction Headset Released – Its Affordable

Last week, information surfaced online that Xiaomi is set to unveil its new noise cancellation headset. Today, the Chinese manufacturing giant released a new headset dubbed “Xiaomi Noise Canceling Headphone” which is currently priced at 229 Yuan ($35). As of now, the official sale of this device has already commenced.

It is understood that the Xiaomi noise-canceling headphone comes with a flexible coil plus an acoustic architecture which makes it delicate and it produces a rich sound quality. This headphone is a step ahead of other noise-reduction headphones because it is equipped with a music separation acoustic system thus whether noise reduction is turned on or not, background sounds will not interfere with the sound quality. In addition, the Xiaomi noise cancellation headphone has the Japanese Hi-Res Audio Standard Certification thus it can deliver CD-level sound quality.

In terms of design, this product comes with ergonomic earplugs design which are succulent and close to the ear canal. It has a solid black colour but does not lose its fashion and there is also an elastic back clip which makes it easy to carry. This headphone, the noise reduction box and the metal clip is designed with full aluminum alloy for a premium quality. In addition, it uses a dual-material wire coated with TPE skin material which can effectively reduce braiding of the cord.


The volume control and song skip button are supported by a remote control which also provides two levels of noise reduction switch (supports 50-1500Hz broadband active noise reduction and maximum 20dB noise suppression). This is absolutely suitable for a noisy environment such as aircraft and subway and railway stations. Finally, this device comes with an in-built 55mAh battery which delivers up to 12 hours music time on full charge. It can be charged using a Micro USB.

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