More Exciting Than OnePlus? Meizu Boring? Punk Brand Is At It Again!

Chinese startup, Punk Brand, has been setting it’s Facebook Page on fire with remarks about certain phone brands.

Just a few days ago we wrote about a new startup based in Shenzhen with some bold claims and big ideas. The company. Punk Brand, grabbed our attention with the statement:

“F*cking Up The Mobile World”

That first Facebook Post was accompanied with a challenge to Meizu, Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei. The posts haven’t stopped.

Since launching its Facebook Page the brand has been posting consistently, in the brand’s own unique style and confidence which has been attracting more attention.

Things got a little more interesting today with posts that called Meizu’s upcoming phones boring, stating that Punk Brand is more interesting than OnePlus and asking if anyone is really all that interested in Xiaomi’s latest Redmi handset. Take a look at those posts below:

This “shoot from the hip” strategy is proving popular with tech fans with Punk Brands Facebook audience jumping from 0 Likes just a day ago to over 120 Likes today. Still an insignificant number by most Facebook Page standards but a huge jump in such a short time that’s showing no sign of slowing.

What’s most interesting though is that the Punk Brand Facebook Page still doesn’t mention anything about the startup’s up and coming smartphone. There are currently no specification features, hints or even an idea when their phone will launch.

We’ve spoken to Punk Brand via Facebook Messenger asking if they can answer some questions which they have told us they will.

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Once we have more details we’ll post more here, but in the meantime

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