This New Start Up Promises To “F*ck Up” The Mobile Industry

punk brand

A young startup out of China promises to “F*ck Up” the mobile industry and even calls out Meizu, Xiaomi and Oppo!

We’re used to seeing new Chinese Tech Startups that have unconventional marketing strategies, but newcomer, Punk Brand might take the award for most eye-catching.

As far as we know, Punk Brand is an all new phone maker from China, and searching the web doesn’t bring anything up about the company yet, however, their Facebook Page does mention they are based out of Shenzhen.

The company’s whereabouts about though is perhaps the least interesting piece of information Punk Brand offers! Just take a look at this Facebook post:

F*cking Up The Mobile World! Merry Christmas”

This isn’t usually the type of language we see from a new brand who no one knows about and who, so far, has no product to actually give them any bragging rights. Still, it’s eye-catching and it does bring a bit of excitement to the industry.

Oh, and Punk Brand also has this to say on their “Story” page:

punk brand

“Based out of Shenzhen China. Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei…. Got nothing on us…”
That again is quite a statement! Punk Brand, whoever they might be, is obviously aiming high with its tech and is already gunning for the big players namely Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo and Huawei! We wonder why OnePlus, Asus, and ZTE weren’t mentioned in the list?
So what we have here is a brash new startup that uses provocative language and believes it has the goods to take on some of the world’s best Android phone makers, oh and it looks like we’ll be seeing more of them too:

We’ve got questions for this new brand and we’ve already reached out to them to ask them about their plans, products and launch schedule. As soon as we learn something we’ll update you all, but in the meantime, we wonder what GizChina readers think of this new brand and their intentions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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