iPhone X Sales Are Below Expectations – Wall Street Analyst

iPhone X
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Prior to the release of iPhone X, there was so much anticipation some of which suggested that this smartphone will sell more units than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus put together. Recall that when the iPhone 8/8 Plus was launched back in September, it recorded a “low” turnout of customers and this was attributed to the expectation of iPhone X. However, a report by Wall Street analyst, Karl Ackerman, says that the level of interest in iPhone X “has been below initial expectations as users appear to have gravitated toward the previous iPhone models.” Sales are not high enough to suggest that Apple is incurring mega interest as all three iPhone models (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X) are selling at a pretty decent rate, the analyst added.

iPhone X

Apple’s fiscal first quarter of 2018 runs from October through December 2017 and Ackerman projects that the company will ship 79 million iPhone units which is slightly above the record 78.29 million it delivered during the first fiscal quarter of 2017.  He also added that Apple is set to ship about 56 million iPhone handsets for its fiscal second quarter of 2018 (January – March 2018). This is higher than the 51.2 million it shipped within the same period last year. Despite having a higher sales relative to previous years, the turnout is still conspicuously lower than initial projections. The company could as well establish a new record for iPhone shipment this quarter but we wouldn’t know that for sure, at least until January 30th, 2018 when its performance for the current quarter will be announced.

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