The 10 Features Every 2018 Smartphone Must Have

2018 is just around the corner and we’re all excited about the next 12 months and what amazing new hardware we’re going to see launched, but only smartphones with all 10 of these features is going to get our pulses racing.

Hisense Full-Screen

Full Screen, 18:9 display

A pretty damn obvious feature we know, but we wouldn’t be surprised if at least one smartphone maker tried to launch a ‘flagship’ device in the new year with the old screen standard.

Full screen is one of those features that you won’t know that you need until you actually try it, and once you’ve used it it’s hard to go back.

The good news is that pretty much all new smartphones out of China are being launched with Full-screen panels, not just the flagship devices either! So there is already ample choice and prices are dropping by the day.

2 day Battery Life

Before you all start chanting “But we already have a 2-day battery life with (insert phone name here)” I’d counter that you don’t, not unless you’re using the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which even today blows me away with how much battery life it has!

We’re sure that Chinese phone makers are really going to focus on battery life in the R&D and also their marketing now that Apple dropped the ball and admitted it’s purposely slowing phones down with forced updates. Customers are pissed and they’re looking for a new device to jump ship to. Why not a brand new shiny Chinese phone?

Xiaomi waterproof phone

Waterproof Nano Coating

Samsung has been selling waterproof flagship phones for years already so it’s about time other phone makers started to coat their phones with waterproof nanocoating too.

We’ve already seen Elephone state that they’ll be using this method to protect future flagships, but we want to see this feature used more often. There is really no reason a phone can’t be made waterproof in 2018.

USB Type C

Again you might think that Type C is the default standard these days but it’s still not used across all new Android devices. I’ve received phones from Vivo this year that still use micro USB which is simply not acceptable.

USB Type C is a much neater standard and is used across various different product already, so we expect all Android smartphones to come with the format in 2018.

Latest Android Release

Chinese phone makers are much better at releasing phones with the latest Android operating system but it’s still not widely accepted by all phone brands.

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What we’re seeing is large brands rolling out updates and small vendors releasing new phones with the latest OS, but then phone makers in the middle ground are still content with rolling out their latest ROMs based on old operating systems.

We’d love to see Flyme, Colour OS and Funtouch all keep up with the Android update curve in 2018, but in reality we don’t think this is going to happen.


Beneath The Screen Finger Print Scanners

It’s no secret that fingerprint scanners beneath the display are going to happen (in fact we have a feeling that Vivo will be the first to launch the feature at CES this year) but 2018 is finally going to be the year that we see it go in to product and become available for us to use.

We don’t think that all phone in 2018 should come with this next generation security feature, but we do expect all flagships to get it especially those from the larger phone brands.

Quality Camera Optics

Im still amazed by how poor some cameras are on Android smartphones. I’m even more shocked that certain high-end phone makers seems to have reverted back to the strategy of simply speccing a higher value sensor in a phone rather than improving the lens and software behind of the camera app.

Just like with many of the items on this list, it’s going to be 2018 there’s no reason why a phone should ship with anything but an excellent camera.

Headphone Jack

As much as I love Type C USB, I’m still not a fan of having Type C as the only option to plug in a set of headphones. Yes, you can buy cables that convert a 3.5mm headphone jack to Type C USB, but that’s the type of hack we expect from Apple devices, not quality Android phones.

We’re already seeing rumours that Samsung could launch the S9 with a 3.5mm headphone jack so let’s hope other phone makers follow suit.


Remember rotating cameras and dual screen phones? t’s sad to say this, but it is true! Most phones launched in 2018 have been a little underwhelming in the ‘Wow’ department and very few, if any, have really stood out with innovative new features.

Just a few years ago, smartphone makers were taking risks, launching niche products and testing the waters with features that really made the Chinese tech industry exciting, but those days seem to be behind us.

We hope this isn’t so, and that 2018 might be the year innovation comes back.

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