Blackview P6000: The Thinnest Unibody Phone with a Massive 6180mAh Battery

Blackview P6000
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Luckily for us, big battery phones have slowly become the norm. Flagships now ship with bigger batteries and – for those who are on a tighter budget – we have Chinese devices with overkill capacities. The latter ones do usually come with a drawback though, their humongous size.

Blackview P6000

The Blackview P6000 is the latest battery phone that promises to break that rule. The handset will indeed pack a huge 6180mAh battery capacity that can do 960 hours of standby time and 45 hours of calling; all of that jammed in just 9.8mm of thickness, which is in line with many “normal” phones. The battery also supports 12/2A quick charge and it can be refilled in just 108 minutes.

Blackview P6000

What’s even more surprising is that Blackview brings a new power technology on the P6000 – it’s called “Dual-chip charging design”. Usually, when voltage is limited to 3.7V on the lithium battery, the charging current will produce overheating. In order to avoid this problem, the P6000 introduces Dual-chip charging technology, which means two chips are being utilized, so that it can provide the maximum current available, charge faster as the 2 chips share the current, at the same time, the phone temperature will not get too high, which makes it pretty safe.

Blackview P6000 main specs:

Blackview P6000

Bonus Video: Blackview P6000 Introduction

From December 28th 2017 to January 4th 2018, the Blackview P6000 will have an exclusive global presale online on Aliexpress where you can grab one for as low as $249.99.

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