Ulefone Armor Mini Exclusive First Image

Users of rugged Android phones might find this upcoming mini device from Ulefone of interest.

Ulefone has been developing a mini version of the popular Ulefone Armor 2 smartphone. The current Ulefone Armor handset is am IP68 device running a Mediatek Helio P25 chipset, 6GB RAM and a good sized 4700mAh battery.

The phone also has a large 5-inch touch screen up front, but this won’t be making an appearance on the Chinese brands upcoming Armor device.

We’ve managed to get hold of a first look image of a phone Ulefone will be marketing as the Ulefone Armor 2. Details are unknown at this time but we can see from the image that this smaller rugged device will use a traditional keypad and smaller overall size.

The phone looks a lot like the current mini rugged device form No.1 and if the Armor mini comes with similar hardware we expect to see a 2.4inch qVGA panel up front, basic cameras but large 4800mAh battery pack.

If Ulefone is looking at this type of specification for their Armor Mini then pricing should be relatively low, considerably less than $50. While the phone is likely to be durable and cheap, we do wonder if there is much of a market for such a low-tech smartphone in todays market.

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