Nvidia Announces A New Series Of 65-Inch 4K Gaming Monitors

Nvidia is taking gaming to the next level by announcing a new series of 65-inch 4K HDR gaming monitors built with Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology, and it comes with inbuilt Android TV. These Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD) are produced by a collaboration between Acer, ASUS and HP, and they will be up for display at CES 2018. With the BFGD, all HDR contents are fun to behold as these large display HDR panels come with full DCI-P3 coverage, 1000-nits peak brightness and full-array backlighting.

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The monitor syncs its refresh rate to the GPU output as the gaming panel comes with a 120Hz refresh rate and G-SYNC. Viewers don’t have to worry about judders while watching as it has been reduced since the refresh rate permits specific refresh rates such as 23.976, 24 and 25Hz to match the refresh rate of cinema content. The BFGD comes with LCD panel although the specifics are still under wraps.

Many may wonder what the Android support for this monitor does. Android or Shield (as Nvidia calls it) support allows users to see contents on Netflix or YouTube directly from the monitor without external connections. Android support also means that games can be downloaded or played on the monitor and Nvidia’s GameStream cloud streaming technology can be easily accessed. Technically, these monitors are not TV’s, but they are too large to be used on a desk thus they will probably be hung on a wall. To this end, Nvidia added a wireless remote and game controller with Google Assistant to these monitors which makes it desirable for users who love streaming all contents. The addition of 4K HDR makes the monitor perfect for game consoles, and most gamers will find this product exciting. As of now, there is no information regarding the availability and pricing of this device.

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