Moto X5 to sport four cameras, bezel-less display and a top notch

Apparently, the barrier that sealed the leaks of the upcoming Motorola devices seems to have broken. Yesterday we brought up a leaked image from the Moto E5, the entry handset from the Moto’s line, today we’ll have a look in another popular handset from Motorola Mythic X line, the Moto X5.

The Moto X4’s successor will arrive with a slightly different design if the alleged image is about to be believed. Moto X5 will be a smartphone of bezel-less nature, being the first of the X series to feature such smaller borders, curiously seems that Motorola will take some inspiration from Apple and its iPhone X’s notch.

Apparently, the design language adopted by Motorola was the best choice to place the dual front cameras, without compromising the 5.9-inch FHD+ display screen to body ratio. The Moto X5 will be another device to join up the 18:9 aspect ratio party, and one of the first devices to mark Motorola’s entrance in the trend.

On the phone rear, we see another pair of cameras with a design that resembles a lot its predecessor. What is curious about this picture is that we can’t see the fingerprint sensor either on the device’s front or rear. May this indicate that Motorola is also moving to facial recognition just like Apple did?

In what concerns to software, the Moto X5 should arrive running the latest Android Oreo with the so-called “Moto XP”, Motorola’s Smart AI. Unfortunately, there are no details about this until the moment. For now, we can’t affirm the reliability of this leak, neither confirm that this is, in fact, the Moto X5. However, more details should appear in the coming days.

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