Huawei’s Charging Tech Brings Your Phone Up To 48% of Charge in 5 Minutes!

Back in 2015, Huawei‘s Watt Lab had developed a Quick Charging technology. Jump to 2017; it seems like Huawei is all ready to showcase their solution at the Mobile World Congress 2018, Barcelona. The technology claims to charge a phone’s battery from 0 to 48 percent in a mere 5 minutes. Amazing, right? This would beat all the existing charging technologies that have come out now.

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The video that Huawei uploaded shows footage from back in 2015. I guess Huawei has polished the tech, making it ready for the market and decided to finally unveil it. As per the video, the charging unit requires a removable battery that is put in the cradle. Considering the fact that 95% of the smartphones on the market have non-removable battery, making this tech obsolete for use. Another thing to be taken into consideration is the capacity of the battery in the demonstration. But I am pretty sure this was just a demonstration, and Huawei must’ve developed a more feasible solution.

Huawei has been using their proprietary charging solution on their smartphones. Even though effective, it limited the use of any other fast charging tech on their phones. It would be great to see this tech on every smartphone and not just from the house of Huawei. All this depends on whether Huawei decides to share their tech. Let’s hope they do!



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