Elephone U & Elephone U Pro to Support Massive 1TB microSD Cards

Elephone U Pro

The Elephone U & Elephone U Pro are two of the most hyped devices coming from a Chinese phone brand in the last months. We know almost everything about the two smartphones, but we still don’t have full spec sheet. Elephone is aware of that and that’s why today they revealed one more detail about the handsets; let’s find out what it is!

Elephone U Pro

You’ll probably know by now as it’s written in the title, but nonetheless, Elephone just announced that the U & U Pro will be able to support microSD of up to 1TB. For those who aren’t too tech savvy, 1TB equals to 1024GB, in other words it’ll be as if you have four 256GB cards made into one, which of course is a massive amount of storage, even more so for a smartphone.

Now, this doesn’t meant you’re going to get a 1TB microSD card as those are quite pricey but, if you wanted to, you have the possibility.

Elephone S9 Pro

If you weren’t paying too much attention to Elephone, the Elephone U and Elephone U Pro will be featuring a MediaTek Helio P23 CPU and Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPUs respectively. The two phones will come with a curved AMOLED 18:9 display and features such as NFC, wireless charging and more.

Learn more about the Elephone U at this link or visit this page to check out the Elephone U Pro.

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