Galaxy S9 to have face unlock + iris scan feature dubbed “Intelligent Scan”

The last month up to the run-up of a flagship Galaxy series launch tends to be a bit boring as a lot of details already get leaked before. In the case of the Galaxy S9, we’re very well aware of the design, the specs and some highlighted features of the device. However, a possible new feature that has yet escaped all prying eyes has been reported.

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As mentioned by XDA, it seems that Samsung might introduce a combo of face unlock and iris scanner in the Galaxy S9. Remnants of the feature were found in an APK teardown of an unreleased Oreo beta build. It repeatedly appeared in the code as “Intelligent Scan”. Interestingly, the feature will employ both face unlock and iris scanners to achieve superior results than Face ID. The iris scanner has been in previous generation of Galaxy Note series phones but it remains fringe thing at best. But with face unlock it might find its rightful place as an extra layer of security in authentication.

Now, the evidence is simply in the code form, there is no demonstration as to how this will work. Nor do we know whether this will be an out-of-the-box feature or an OTA update. However, the source has shared a video depicting hot he thinks the feature will work.

Intelligent Scan will work for unlocking phones, app unlocks, and verification primarily. If this is a feature in the upcoming Galaxy S9, then we should hear more about it soon. Further, we don’t think it can replace the no-frills super fast fingerprint scanner, still, it would be nice to have.

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