Xiaomi Releases A Portable Smartphone Image Printer

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, keeps unleashing innovative products which make life easier for tech lovers. Today, the company released a portable smartphone image printer which uses sublimation printing technology with 256 color levels to efficiently prevent the printing issues with droplet inkjet ink technology. The printer is built based on CMY3 color fusion with a wide color gamut.

This handheld printer also uses Kyocera professional print head technology which delivers up to 0.087 millimeters print head with an active print area of 54 x 86mm. The image resolution is up to 300dpi. Also, it prints automatically with a transparent colorless protective film which does not need mounting or coating. It uses a printing paper produced by a Japanese company, DNP, and these images can be stored at room temperature for decades without fading.

Furthermore, this smartphone image printer supports AR photo technology. You can always experience the real and AR interactive photo effects. With the use of a bright air platform AR engine, the photo recognition response of this printer is less than 280 milliseconds with a tracking speed of up to 120 frames/second.

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