Elephone already working on the next model from the “U” series ?

Elephone U2

Elephone brand is currently surely fully focused on getting the hyped new generation of their flagship phones to the market and the Elephone U/U Pro (originally named as S9/S9 Pro are looking very promising. But today we got some info from an external source, that is hinting at some future plans plans and designs brewing in the Elephone HQ already.

According to this Weibo post the chinese company is already actively working on the next model in line for the “U” series and the phone designated Elephone U2 will be designed as a piece with super thin frame and bezel-less design. And if we would have to believe the leaked first picture you can see in the title, then the inspiration by the iPhone X design looks pretty clear. But that’s not the only interesting part, because according to one of Elephone’s suppliers they are working hard to develop an in-display fingeprint sensor for this model as well.

Take this information with  a grain of salt, because it’s not coming from official sources (yet), but interesting piece of info nonetheless. It will probably take some time to actually see the model released, because Elephone’s actual release times following the announcement can be quite famously long. So for now lets’s stick to the hopes of the Elephone U and U Pro being out soon and delivering on the promise and hype, then we can start thinking about the next generation for real.

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