Giveaway: take a chance and win the KOOLNEE K1 Trio (6GB + 128GB)

Things are crazy over here at Gizchina HQ guys. So many phones coming our way, we HAVE to send some love back to you! Don’t you agree? I BET you do. Here we are once again for another giveaway and one of our lucky readers will get the chance to take home a brand new KOOLNEE K1 Trio (6GB + 128GB)!

Koolnee K1 Trio

But wait, what’s this device and how good is it anyway?

KOOLNEE K1 Trio – Massive, powerful beauty!

The Koolnee K1 Trio was born thanks to the engineers and designers who have listened very carefully to the feedback from users. They then built a smartphone – or modified the original K1 – entirely based on that and the K1 Trio is what came out.

The handset is indeed basically a K1 with a face lift at the front, more specifically the display now covers the top part of the phone, transforming it into a tri-bezel-less device, thus the “Trio” moniker. Koolnee then also moved the fingerprint scanner to the front for easier handling (according to users) and it was added Face ID technology as well as the handy split screen feature.

Koolnee K1 Trio

The Koolnee team didn’t stop on the outside though, also the internals have been reworked, we now have a massive 4200mAh battery inside which should drastically increase autonomy. Other hardware includes the latest Mediatek processor that should provide more than enough juice, but we still aren’t made aware of which SoC it’ll be. Lastly, Koolnee said to be working on improving software optimisation to make the phone more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

Giveaway begins – here!

Now the time has come! Take part in our giveaway – COMPLETE AS MANY of the prerequisites you can and gain as many entries as possible! The winner will be announced automatically next Monday, on February 12!



Giveaway: take a chance and win the KOOLNEE K1 Trio (6GB + 128GB)

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