UMIDIGI S2 Lite Ultimate Drop Test Showdown (Video)

A smartphone’s sturdiness is always a very important factor to check before purchasing something with your hard-earned money. To prove that their latest UMIDIGI S2 Lite is worth your consideration, the company just released a drop test video; let’s watch it!

The video above shows the UMIDIGI S2 Lite being drop tested on a professional machine that can simulate a drop from various heights. More specifically we see it dropped starting at a neigh of 60cm up to a quite high 140cm (4.59 feet) without the smartphone getting any major damage.

The result is possible thanks to the premium built metallic unibody the S2 Lite comes with, which seems to protect it in every single drop.


This means that the UMIDIGI S2 Lite is actually a rather durable and solid device which can potentially survive any drop that could happen during everyday use.

The UMIDIGI S2 Lite is currently in its opening sale period over at Gearbest. If you want to get the phone at a discounted rate, click here.

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