M-Horse Chinese New Year Promo Kicks Off

M-Horse Chinese New Year

As some of you may know, in this part of the year Chinese people celebrate their New Year. Aside from the days off work, what we get from this holiday is quite awesome discounts on most of their products. This time is no different with M-Horse selling their devices at the lowest prices ever. Keep reading to learn more!

M-Horse Chinese New Year

The main and probably most interesting promo we find on the site is the M-HORSE Pure 3 smartphone selling for either $159.99 or $149.99 depending on the offer you select. You can indeed get the Pure 3 for just $149.99 if you’re willing to wait for the smartphone to be shipped on March 25th with the possibility of free return, meanwhile early birds can get the phone at the still low price tag of $159.99 and shipped on March 5th.

The M-HORSE Pure 3 is the most affordable Mediatek Helio P23 smartphone on the market; check out the introduction video below.

We then have the M-HORSE Pure 2 coming with a dual rear camera 16MP + 2MP combo, a 5.99” display with 18:9 aspect ratio, a 3600mAh battery and 4GB + 64GB memory config selling for just $129.99 instead of $169.99.

M-HORSE Pure 2

You can check a review of it down below.

Finally for the “Pure” lineup we have the M-HORSE Pure 1 with a dual rear camera 8MP + 2MP, 5.7” display with 18:9 aspect ratio, a 3600mAh battery and 3GB + 32GB memory on sale for $104.99 (from $119.99).

M-Horse Pure 1

If you value more battery life over looks, then the M-HORSE Power 2 might be worth your consideration, the smartphone comes with a dual rear camera 8MP + 2MP setup, a 5.5” display, a 3D curve back, a 6000mAh battery and 2GB + 16GB memory. You can get the Power 2 for just $84.99 instead of its full retail price of $109.99.

Click here to find all the deals on M-Horse Chinese New Year Promo.

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