Elephone U & U Pro UI Design – Closer Look

Elephone U Pro

Elephone seem to have understood that users mostly prefer a stock Android ROM and decided to keep the new Elephone U & U Pro as clean as possible. Let’s check out how the OS look in these screenshots they just released.

We have to say that by looking at the images, Elephone’s flagship seem to be boasting some quite close to stock UI. Of course, we’re going to find some UI personalization but that seems to be very light.

Elephone stated that they worked on the UI for more than 3 months in order to bring an optimized UI with the simplicity and convenience of stock Android as well as some additional neat features.

The Elephone U lineup will indeed receive updates that make Face Unlocking work faster and better, plus we’ll see new sidebar features that take advantage of the curved display. Elephone will be pushing these updates via OTA.

Elephone U Pro

Learn more about the Elephone U Pro on the official website. On the site, you can purchase one if you so desire.

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