Battery Temperature Affecting Pixel 2’s Rapid Charging?

Recently, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users have been facing quite a few problems with battery life. An earlier report threw light upon the heating problem. The latest issue to hit the Pixel 2 smartphones is related to the rapid charging feature.

Apparently some users are facing this problem, where the phone charges slowly even though it shows the “Charging rapidly” notification. This problem has affected a lot of users who have taken it to Google’s official product forums. A user did some testing with his unit and found that the charging amperage changed according to the temperature. He observed that when temperature of the phone was below 20ºC, the phone would charge at about 750mA. If the temperature was raised by a few degrees, the phone would charge at a much higher, 3 A.

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The peeps at Android Police did some in-depth testing, which revealed that this indeed was the issue. Apparently, the Pixel 2 will be charging at less than 4W, even though it claims to be “Charging rapidly”, where it should be charging at 10W+. Their analysis revealed that the Pixel 2 XL charges slower at lower temperatures but still shows the “Charging rapidly” notification. Google has claimed that they’re currently investigating this issue.

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