World’s First Phone with a 4.95-inch 18:9 Display, 4000mAh Battery and 4 Cameras

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S

Compact smartphone lovers will rejoice learning that Avenir Telecom and Energizer have worked together to produce the first 4G device with a 4.95-inch 18:9 display and other specs that bound its presence in the Power Max line-up. The new smartphone, namely called EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S 4G, will indeed also feature a powerful 4000mAh battery, 4 cameras and a fingerprint scanner; let’s learn more about it!

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EnergizerĀ®EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S

Battery power

The EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S comes with a large capacity 4000mAh battery which can last 16 days in standby mode and 10 hours in constant use. That means you won’t need to worry about running out of juice ever again with the EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S.

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S

Understated elegance

With its impressive 18:9 4.95ā€ FWVGA screen, watching videos on the EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S will be a real pleasure. The smartphone has a light sensor which adjusts the screen brightness according to external light levels so users can enjoy bright colours in any environment. The phone is also easy to hold thanks to its 18:9 display aspect ratio.

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S

4 cameras

The EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S comes with 2 rear cameras (8MP + 0.3MP) and 2 front cameras (5MP + 0.3MP) to make sure you capture every little detail.

GMS certified interface

The EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S meets Google performance standards and can offer the latest version of the most-used mobile platform in the world. With over two million apps to download from the Google Play Store, you can personalise the phone to suit you.

Superior performance

The EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S boasts a Mediatek MT6739 quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory and runs Android Oreo.

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S

This smartphone uses 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and it can be a hotspot so you stay connected in any scenario.

The EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S is a dual-SIM phone with an SD card slot to boost its memory to 32GB.

The handset comes with a proximity sensor which detects when the distance between the phone and other items changes and an accelerometer (orientation sensor) which detects the phone’s angle, position and speed.

The EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490Sā€™s easy-to-use fingerprint reader unlocks the phone with a simple gesture in less than a second.

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S Key Specifications

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S


The EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S will be available from the authorized
distributors below in Q2 2018:

EnergizerĀ® Power Max P490S

Visit their website at this link:

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