Xiaomi Expands Into Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and other electronic cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and it has become theĀ mainĀ focus of the industry. The interesting thing aboutĀ Blockchain is that all fields suchĀ asĀ science and technology, art, law, finance, development, real estate, internet of things, insurance, etc can get involved. Now, it appears that Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is currently interested in Blockchain technology.Ā Recruitment information shows thatĀ Xiaomi is currently recruiting senior Blockchain development engineers and server development engineers. This marks the formal entry of the company into Blockchain.

The job description for the Senior development engineers include

1. Participate in the research and development of the underlying technology of Blockchain.

2. To enhance and handle the system in large-scale, high concurrency, and mass request processing performance issues

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3. To solve all kinds of potential system technical risks, to ensure the safety, stability and rapid operation of the system;

4. To participate in the underlying blockchain basic technology and architecture design.

Xiaomi will pay theĀ senior Blockchain development engineersĀ 30,000 – 60,000 Yuan every month and they will work from Xiiaomi headquarters in Beijing.Ā In the recruitment notice of the server development engineer, Xiaomi said that for aĀ long time there are many problems in the advertising industry, such as the problems of mistrust, cheating, and the waste of resources in data collaboration, advertisement delivery, and effective monitoring. Xiaomi is studying Blockchain technology to have an effective anti-cheat system and resolve IP inconsistencies and other issues. These engineers will take homeĀ 18,000 – 35,000 YuanĀ monthly.

Well, we just hope that this is a calculated investment from Xiaomi and not just some ambitious move which could cripple the company.

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