No Paid Apps will be Available in the BlackBerry World App After April 1, 2018

BlackBerry OS has not been the choice of consumers for years now. BlackBerry already ceased the manufacturing of smartphones featuring the BlackBerry OS, and the Canadian company has now announced that it will no longer support the OS and the BlackBerry World App Store.

Developers have been notified by BlackBerry that paid apps will no longer be offered through the BlackBerry World store come April 1st, 2018. This does not mean that the developers will not be able to make money off their apps. They will have to use an alternate payment method as BlackBerry will no longer process transactions for them. BlackBerry won’t be taking any cut from the profit, but it also means that developers will have to be responsible for processing transactions, refunds, etc,.

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With majority of the developers and users moving to Android or iOs, the closing of the store won’t affect a lot of folks. With BlackBerry itself manufacturing Android smartphones and implementing bits and pieces of its software in them, this is not really a bad news. Declining sales figures of BlackBerry smartphones have led to this decision.

Sounds like an April fool’s joke, but its not. BlackBerry OS had its golden days and the dying brand did its best to stay afloat, but more advanced OS’ like Android and iOs took them by surprise and BlackBerry had to defect to the winning side.

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