Motorola Trademarks Moto G Forge, E Cruise and E Supra

The United States Patent and Trademark office granteg Motorola three new trademarks, the Moto G Forge, E Cruise and E Supra. It’s unclear as to where exactly Motorola will be using these monikers, since it has been reported that the company has no plans on changing the names of the E and G series of smartphones.

Motorola filed for the trademarks on the 14th of February and received the approval on the 23rd of February, which is fairly recent. In case Motorola does release devices with the aforementioned monikers, it won’t be in the recent future. There is a possibility of the names being for the upcoming devices depending upon the region they are sold in. This is a very common practice by smartphone manufacturers.

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There is also a possibility that the names are just to differentiate the various carriers the upcoming E and G smartphones will be available with. Moto has earlier branded their phones depending on the carriers like they did with Verizon and the Moto Z. The new trademarked monikers are very similar to bike and car names/types. If Motorola has devices lined up for release with these monikers, they sure must be packing something different than the usual G and E series of smartphones.



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