Koolnee planning to release a polychromatic phone


Basically, when choosing your brand-new smartphone nowadays it has something to do with its size, quality of display, camera performance and battery. We normally don’t consider the physical color of the phone since we’ve been used to seeing the usual black or grew with some added spice like gold, silver, red or rosegold. But for the marketing purposes the colors and design matter more than you would maybe think.

However, there are also companies which have considered those two things mentioned. Big famous brands like Samsung or Huawei have understood this essential new approach for the customers and went through introducing new captivating colors. And Koolnee just felt the urge to develop more captivating color options too, so they just announced something special under the banner of “polychromatic phone”.

Gizchina News of the week

Previously Koolnee has released two low-key smartphones with K1 and K1 Trio, but for the future they want much more. This time, according to Koolnee, they are about to set out some tricks that may change people’s idea of how different colors will be arranged for a phone. Details of design and color options have not been fully revealed yet, but it’s pretty sure that the new phone from Koolnee will come with extremely interesting color combinations, something completely new. So stay tuned for more info coming soon.

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