Microsoft and BlackBerry new partnership will make safe work phones

A new business and strategic partnership were signed today between Microsoft and BlackBerry. This new joint adventure will improve the offer of secure smartphones to companies that rely on the handsets for communication among their employers.

According to both companies, through BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE platform they will bring the safest work smartphones of the entire industry. The combined forces of Microsoft’s Cloud and Productivity solutions, alongside BlackBerry’s experience in mobile security is more than enough to fulfill this partnership’s biggest promise.

“In an era when digital technology is driving rapid transformation, customers are looking for a trusted partner. Our customers choose Microsoft 365 for productivity and collaboration tools that deliver continuous innovation, and do so securely. Together with BlackBerry, we will take this to the next level and provide enterprises with a new standard for secure productivity.”

– Microsoft’s Judson Althoff.

All the business costumers such as Banks, Healthcare Providers, Central Governments and Law Firms will be the first departments to get the benefits of this joint adventure. The BlackBerry Enterṕrise Bridge will also allow its costumers to access Microsoft’s Apps and Services from within BlackBerry Dynamics. This includes Microsoft’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Concluding the list of news brought by BlackBerry & Microsoft deal is the integration of BlackBerry Security Solutions such as Workspaces, Dynamics, AtHoc and UEM Cloud at Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. Since the first scandals involving privacy and governments espionage, a huge demand lifted up for more safer solutions among smartphones. The partnership is a great opportunity to keep BlackBerry Rocking in the smartphone scenario, as well as Microsft. The latter keeps needing to offer the best of its solutions for mobile users, especially after the Windows Phone demise.

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