Razer Phone update brings Android 8.1 Oreo

Razer skips an entire update, goes straight for 8.1.

The Razer Phone is perhaps one of the more curious success stories in the mobile world. During a time where companies have huge amounts of difficulty distinguishing their devices, Razer does it almost effortlessly. This is mainly in part due to their acquirement of the Nextbit team, though not everything’s been peaches and cream. Their users have been mostly stuck on an Android Nougat for quite a while now.

Well, Razer’s got around to solving this issue, and they’re going the extra mile too. They’ve gone ahead and pulled an Essential Phone, skipping the 8.0 update altogether. In a time where companies struggle to get a single update out, it’s nice to see Razer at least attempt to improve their service. Most companies would’ve brought out the 8.0 update anyway, and leave it there for a few months. I’ve never been a huge fan of Razer, but credit where credit is due.

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Of  course, the update isn’t actually available yet. If you’re impatient, a Developer Preview of the new software is available to download right now. It’s still quite buggy, and it will erase all data from your Razer Phone, so install it with caution. Disappointingly, there will be no over-the-air update path to the official Oreo release, which means it needs to be done manually.

For the rest of you, the finalized version of Oreo will make it to your smartphones in mid or late April. That’s not too long a wait, barely even a month. If you can wait, we definitely recommend that over the Developer Preview. Until then, stay tuned on Gizchina for all your technology news, and have a nice day.

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